Positive parenting: top 10 tips

Expert has made a top 10 of tips that help you with positive upbringing. With these tips you can get started!

Parenting comes with many pressures and challenges. A lot of time, parents struggle to make their children behave the way they want them to. Surely, you’ve had cases like that. Also, there are many things we should learn as kids – how to say “thank you” among them. Educate your children well. For more insight – read an autobiographical essay. Written from a first-person perspective, these essays are as touching as they come. You will help no problem distinguishing between attention-seeking behaviors from a tantrum after you read such an essay. Professional essay writers know how to get their point to readers with no problem.

Tip 1

If your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing. And pay attention to your child. Show clearly and notice that you are listening. This way you give focused attention to your child.

Tip 2

Give your child a cuddly toy or a pat on his / her ball regularly. Most children like to be touched and cuddled. That reinforces your bond.

Tip 3

Talk to your child about things that your child finds interesting. Also tell about what you experienced yourself that day.

Tip 4

Praise your child regularly and give a compliment. Say exactly what you think is right. For example: ‘Thank you for listening to me right away’. Your child will then behave that way more often.

Tip 5

Take care of activities that your child likes to do at home so that your child does not get bored easily. Think of: clay, coloring pages, blocks, board games, computers, footballs, outdoor toys, and so on. Choose what suits the age.

Tip 6

Teach your child new things by first doing it yourself. For example, in a nice way to deal with each other (“say” please “or” thank you “). Then encourage your child to try it yourself. Give a compliment if it succeeds.

Tip 7

Set clear ground rules so that your child knows how to behave. Sit down and discuss with your child about children education plan and what the house rules can be for this. When your child gets older, he / she can talk more and more. You can even write down these rules and hang them up in the kitchen, for example. This way you can always refer to it. Also tell us what the consequences are if your child does not follow the rules.

Tip 8

If your child is annoying, stay calm and tell your child to stop. Then tell us how he / she should behave: ‘stop fighting; nice to play with each other ‘.Give a compliment if your child listens. Tell us what the consequences are if your child does not follow the rules. If your child does not listen, you have to intervene.

Tip 9

Stay realistic. You may expect reasonable behavior from a child, but do not expect your child to be perfect.

Tip 10

Take care of yourself! If you feel good, it is easier to follow your child and to make time to do something together.

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Chinese Language and the Best Schools for the Same Here

It was not so long ago that Chinese were at most learned by people who were interested in East Asian philosophy. Communist China secluded itself from the rest of the world, was considered impoverished and backward. You could not do business with such a country.

Today, the Chinese economy is booming, and with the rise of China, the country is becoming an increasingly important trading partner. In the past few years, numerous cooperationhave emerged in economic, political and cultural areas.

This development provides the best career opportunities for people with Chinese language skills today, as there is still under-educated Chinese-speaking staff around the world, such as Chinese teachers, interpreters, managers, technicians or, in general; China professionals dealing with cultural issues know the peculiarities of the country. At the best chinese language school you will be able to have the best option now.

Now you could say: Why learn Chinese? The whole world speaks English! And that would be true, so to speak. Even and especially the young Chinese speak better English today than previous generations.

Nevertheless, language barriers still represent one of the biggest obstacles. Anyone who knows Chinese can maintain much closer ties with Chinese business partners, and generally has better control over their projects in China.

This advantage is usually closed if you speak only English. That’s why just because everyone speaks English these days; you can give your resume a whole new twist with Chinese!

The culture factor:

Chinese has a millennia-old culture

FengShui, Tai Chi, Yin Yang, Buddhism, TCM … the interest in Chinese culture has increased significantly in the last few years in the West.

Most people are more concerned with trends and fads without developing a true understanding of China’s ancient culture. And basically, that’s not to be criticized – many people also enjoy dancing tango or salsa without knowing much about Latin America.However, in a globalized world, genuine understanding of other countries and intercultural competencies are valuable qualities that can be acquired, for example, by learning a foreign language.

The Chinese language is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, as reflected in the characters of a millennia-old philosophy. Those who learn Chinese will also be able to better understand and understand an exciting and interesting cultural space.

The chic factor:

Anyone who can speak Chinese is in vogue. It may be similar to a few years ago, when very few people owned an Apple iPhone, which was considered particularly cool.But of course it’s easier to get an iPhone than Chinese language skills. “I can speak Chinese,” therefore still elicits the same admiration from other people as “I have a doctorate in atomic physics.”Because one thing is certain – no one questions the intelligence of someone who is fluent in Chinese.